Kachi Maul  2017-2018 (on going). Excerpt of films on installation. 

까치 마을 (Magpie Village) 
For 27 years I didn't know that my father's childhood tales was a place with a name and a location. But when I decided to visit, most of people didn't know the name of the place, they said we were wrong. 
I grew up  many times comparing the reality I was living with the colors and adventures narrated by my father, where our current life seemed to be always lacking of something. 
I always wanted to meet that place, but it's impossible. The village was overwritten by urban projects and almost everyone left. 
This work is a way of not allowing it to disappear. 
Kachi Maul is a multimedia installation presented as a filming set consisting of a scaffolding structure, curtain, lighting equipment with color gels, colored background and a Tv with its stand. Displays the scenery from one of the narrations, and displays the bamboo  that is a material that I've been using constantly on this project to construct temporary structures and as support for drawings and other artifacts.
 Currently has 4 films that are displayed on the set's Tv. 
-  Hornets (english) 3:14 minutes, 2017. 
- Al Viajero (español)  3:03 minutes, 2017. 
- Solo con las manos (español) 2:43 minutes, 2018. 
 - Favorite Dish (english) 5:25 minutes, 2018.

Videos won't have subtitles. 
To see video of the installation setting [link]

Still from filming set of "Favorite Dish", 2018

"Kachi Maul" Installation view, 2018

Still from filming set of "Favorite Dish", 2018

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